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About Summer


"Pets aren't born understanding our language and they have their own personalities, just like people. It's our job as pet owners to pave the way for positive and fulfilling relationships with our pets. Our animals rely on us for their care and comfort and in exchange give us a bond of trust that is hard to match."



Summer Ragulsky is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and a dog*tec Certified Dog Walker. She's a member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers as well as The Pet Professional Guild. Summer is dog and cat CPR and First Aid certified through Pet Tech and American Red Cross.


She shares her home with two Shiba Inus: Nado and Pandora in McLean, Virginia.


 Summer was lucky enough to grow up enjoying the companionship and affection that pets provide and it left a lasting imprint on who she is. She learned how to train animals with the most efficient and humane methods with Parvene Farhoody, MA, CPDT-KA, CDBC and Bob Bailey, SCD


Her passion is providing for the animals who rely on her and helping others do the same. She believes a mentally and physically stimulated pup is a happy one, and that consistent and compassionate training is an important factor in achieving this ideal state. 


She's made it her mission to show people how to

foster this kind of positive relationship with their dogs by giving them the tools for success.


She would love to help you too!


Photography by Kealy Creative

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